He had come to meet his friend after a long time. As he was walking with his friend around the house he saw an ox with one of its hoof amputated. He asked his friend with surprise, ‘What happened to this ox? He lost it in an accident replied his friend. What use is this old disabled ox to you and why are you wasting your time and resources on this old ox? Asked this friend. The host responded, “This was my father’s favorite ox. He was able to earn all this wealth because of this ox. When he was in trouble only this ox was there as a support. This ox was disabled due to an accident. My father, when on his death bed gave me this ox told me, “Never forget anyone who stood by you when you needed them most even if it is an animal.

When we look back at our lives we will see that it was none other than our parents who stood by us at our time of need. It is a human tendency to throw away things which are old, of no use or broken. Often times we do not pay the care and attention that we pay to our pets to our old parents and turn them away from our lives. Even animals take care of their own. But humans who pride on their intelligence turn away their parents running after their own comfort. Our parents are the greatest wealth we can have and they are like the light that guides our lives. People who reject their parents are actually rejecting this light and are entering into a world of darkness.

Our parents are the light of our lives. Let us give them the respect due to them and care for them in their old age and live a renewed life.

Long life comes to anyone who honors a father, whoever obeys the Lord makes a mother happy (Sirach 3: 6).

Eldho Paul