The Town Built by the Sparrow

Once there was a military camp in one of the towns. The soldiers were busy decamping the tents. One of the soldiers observed that a sparrow had built its nest on the top of one of the tents. He did not have the heart to remove the tent as he did not want to disturb the sparrow. He informed the same to his superior. The kind hearted superior advised the soldiers to leave the tent the way it is and move on. A few days later some of the travelers saw the tent and rested there for a bit. From then on whoever passed that way used the tent to take rest. Eventually a big guest house was constructed there after removing the tent and eventually it was turned as a big city. That town is now known as Cairo, the capital city of Egypt.

Usually the seeds that we discard as useless are the ones who bring forth big trees. Every little act of our done with absolute honesty and kindness often bears big fruits. We may not be able to enjoy the fruit of our actions. We always want to do big things and be recognized in the world by our big acts and reject small little acts as worthless. But God sees the heart and not the deed. Our acts when done selflessly, bears much fruit.

I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth (1 Corinthians 3: 6).

Eldho Paul