When a mother takes her child to expose it to the rays of the Sun, it is a joyful sight to watch. The rays of the Sun touch the skin of the child and transform it removing the yellowish and bluish tinge of the skin. It is a beautiful experience and it is the same experience and transformation that takes place when a person sits in front of the Holy Eucharist.  I lifted my hands towards that divine light and praised and I felt my hands going numb, and felt my body suddenly going cold. My eyes welled with tears and my mind became peaceful.

The invisible rays from the Holy Eucharist fall on me and fill every cell in my body. Just like how the Sun transforms the skin of the baby, the divine rays transform and revives our dulled mind and souls. The soul and body is filled with radiance and every cell in the body praises God. When we are in the presence of the Holy Eucharist, Jesus sends his ray to the deepest part of our being and shows us our faults. When our problems are revealed to us, it also reveals solutions to our problems too.  When a thorn pricks our body it becomes infected and the thorn comes out along with the pus. In the same way the thorns of sins and pain piercing our mind and soul are removed when we pray with tears and the Lord blesses us to pray as well.

A desire to confess, strength to forgive, repentance and our sinful state all comes to our mind and when we make an attempt to remove these stains we are called to a life of holiness.  Just like how the rays of the sun is important for the existence for every living being, the radiance of the Holy Eucharist needs to fill our mind, body and soul. The blue tinge which fills our life due to our sinful nature is removed and we are transformed when we spent time in the presence of the Lord. We receive healing and counseling that no doctor or psychiatrist can provide when we are in the presence of Lord Jesus. The Holy Eucharist is a sanctuary for grace and blessings. When we receive his mercy we are filled with an eternal joy and peace. And the Lord calls out to us in Jeremiah 4:1, “If you will return, O Israel,” says the Lord, “Return to Me.”

Joy Pullolikal