When the mother reached home at the end of the day and opened the door, she found her child standing there with an apple in both the hands. The mother said, “Dear son please give me one of the apples.” The child immediately took a bit from each of the apples. Seeing this mother was angry and reprimanded the child saying, ‘”is this how you behave when someone asks you to share?” The child immediately extended the apple in his left hand towards his mother and said, “Mother take this apple it is very sweet.” Hearing this innocent response, the mother found it difficult to control her tears.

When the Lord allows trials and tribulations in our lives it is to reveal His unconditional love for us. He gives us the bitter juice of suffering in a golden cup. When we drink up that juice the Lord gifts us that golden cup and often our sinful nature obstructs us from understanding this hidden love of God. When we are able to cry thinking about our trials and the sense of light heartedness that comes after the tears is because of the realization that God is with us.

We must always remember that the good Lord who loves us more than anyone else in this world is always with us and let the Lord be a comfort for you in your times of trouble.

“You drew near on the day I called on You, and said, “Do not fear!” (Lamentations 3:57).

Eldho Paul