Mother Mary the daughter of God the Father, mother of the son of God and the bride of the Holy Spirit abides in love with God and paves us a path to love God. The sorrowful mother shedding tears continues to appear in different parts of the world.

Don Stefano Gobbi the founder of Marian Movement of Priests asked Mary “why does she appear like this across the world”? Her response was that she was crying thinking about the trials the Catholic Church and the world would face for not heeding to her call. To reduce the difficulties that the humanity would face Mother Mary calls the Catholic Church to dedicate their lives to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and pray the rosary.

The world is spiraling into a life of sin. Satan is at his best trying to teach all things wrong about God and leading a holy life. Satan lures people to go after the temptations of the world and urges people to do anything to attain this. We are able to see the effects of this on people and nature as well.

Mother Mary has given us a sure protection for overcoming the temptations of the world and that is the Holy Rosary.  St Mother Theresa showed us that Rosary is a great weapon to face temptations, troubles, failures, success and a tool to measure the distance between failures and success. Mother always prayed the Rosary before embarking on any activities. She truly believed that all the hurdles could be removed through the Rosary.

Let us also use Rosary as a measurement for the distance between our troubles and joy, failures and success. Let us measure the distance between our house and the work place, be it office or farm through Rosary. Let us strive to carry the Rosary with us all times.

Let us remember that Mother Mary will never leave the person, family and the community which prays the Rosary with faith and will be sure protection for us at all times.

Fr Bineesh Mankunnel CST