Blessed with healing

When I was 10 years I was afflicted Perthes disease which affects the hip bone. I was not able to walk and was bedridden for a year. The treatment for this was a very painful one. The doctors took a bone from the leg and fixed it at the hip bone with screws. We were told that this would last only for 25 years and if I got the disease again it would be impossible to cure. When I was 35 I got this disease again and was in great pains and found it very difficult to keep even a step ahead. A group of doctors discussed the treatment procedure and was told that the surgery would be complicated and they were not sure that I would be able to walk even after the surgery. I was very distressed and came to RRC and attended all the services and prayed with tears for this intention and requested the prayers of all the priests in RRC. I promised to give my testimony if I was cured. The severe pain started to reduce soon and God the healer cured me completely from a disease which even the doctors said I would not be cured of. The Lord healed my completely and now even if I walk for more than 5 KMs my legs don’t pain. A million thanks to the Lord for healing me.

Sanal, S.G. Palaya