Healing for my Son

This witness is for my son Samuel Sainath who is 8 years old. My son was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and had to undergo a surgery. Before this, he used to constantly complain about stomach pain but we ignored it thinking it was gastric. One day he complained about severe stomach pain and we had to rush him to the emergency. The doctors advised surgery but what happened in the meantime is that the appendix had ruptured putting my son at a high risk. This entire situation was very tense and we were constantly asking the Fathers at RRC for prayers. My son underwent the surgery and we then found out that the entire appendix was ruptured putting my son at a great risk. He also had some bit of intestinal obstruction post surgery which gave him difficulty in eating food. But with prayers he was healed of that obstruction in a few days. Reflecting on this entire period, I got to know how dangerous this could be for my son and how the Lord Jesus has shown mercy to us. I am writing this testimony as a thanksgiving to Jesus for having mercy on our family and healing my son without any complications. I am thankful to the Lord Jesus for having saved my son. I love you Lord Jesus and I thank you for having done so much for us.

Avinash, Jayanagar, Bangalore