Blessed with Healing

The bone of my right knee had overgrown and was jutting out of my skin and this caused severe pain and the doctors advised to undergo surgery immediately. I attended the Inner Healing retreat in the month of December in RRC and prayed for a healing. On the third day of the retreat during the Inner Healing Adoration the Priest who was leading the adoration called out that a person’s right leg was being healed. I believed that the healing was for me and prayed for a healing and immediately knelt down. I did not experience any pain and when I examined my right knee there was no bump and I was completely healed.

During the Sunday service I was not able to praise the Lord loudly because of severe pain in the throat. During the Eucharistic procession I took the petals that were offered to the Blessed Sacrament and with faith touched my throat and prayed for a healing. I received complete healing immediately. A million thanks to the Lord who does the impossible things.

Anthony, N.R. Pura