The fragrance of light

The disciple always had the complaint that his teacher loved another disciple more than himself. He was under the impression that he was more intelligent and a better disciple. The teacher understood that the difference would soon result in a fight between his disciples. One day he called both the disciples and said, “I am going to give you a test, and led them to two empty rooms and said, “both these rooms are empty and the one who fills the room by the end of the evening is the winner of this test.”

The teacher came in the evening to inspect both the rooms. The room of the disciple who had a problem was inspected first. The room was filled with old and useless things with no space even to enter the room. The teacher went to the room of the other disciple. In the center of the room on a table was lit candle and around it were lit incense sticks. The room is filled with light and fragrance. The teacher spoke to his beloved disciples and said, “If a person’s heart is filled with light of love and fragrance of compassion any person who comes in contact with such a person can be transformed. The first disciple threw away all the old and useless things from his heart and filled it with love and compassion.

The thought that there are not many good human beings is wrong. When a person discards arrogance from his heart he transforms into a good human being. Every man is good in the eyes of the Lord. The Lord has created us with love and compassion. By the grace of God let the fragrance of compassion and the light of love shine through us and spread in the world.

The way of the Lord is a stronghold for the upright (Proverbs 10:29).

Eldho Paul