The just man reminisced by God

The word of God describes St Joseph with two words, “her husband Joesph, being a just man and unwilling to put her to shame” (Mathew 1:19). We can gauge the richness of the spirituality of Joseph from these words. “Lord blessed the household of the Egyptian because of Joseph” (Genesis 39: 5). These words were uttered for Joseph our forefather comes to fulfillment in the life of St. Joseph.

In the Holy Bible we see that all those whom God remembered lived a just life. We see this in the life of Noah who escaped the flood (Genesis 8:1) Abraham (Genesis 19:29), Rachel (Genesis 30:22) and Hannah who was blessed with a child (1 Samuel 1:19) all were just in the eyes of the Lord. They led a life pleasing to the Lord and as per his will and this became the reason for the Lord showering His blessings on them. St Joseph also lived a just life in the eyes of the Lord and the Lord remembered Joseph and stretched His hands and blessed him.

Lord showed that Joseph was set apart and was under His care by taking a personal interest in his life. When troubled by situations and problems without solutions Joseph hoped in the Lord and decided to be just. God send His angel to comfort Joseph because Joseph was under the caring hands of God. The sufferings he underwent to protect Mary from a shameful life, in poverty and when they fled to Egypt, during all this time Joseph was under the constant care of God.

When we remember St Joseph and study his life, it is a good opportunity for us to examine our lives. Let us ask ourselves, are we leading a just life? When we lead a life accepting our responsibilities and the trials and accept others mistakes as our own and provide them with care and support then the Lord will look upon us with mercy and fill our lives with blessings. Good Lord we pray that you transform us to live a just life like Joseph so that you may remember us like Joseph.

Fr Bineesh Mankunnel CST