Blessed with Healing

A few days ago my younger son had nose bleeding. When we took him to the doctor, they said it was normal and send us back home. But that evening his entire body started to swell up and there was blood clotting as well. We took him back to the hospital. They informed us that he had internal bleeding and it was reducing the platelet count and it could be either cancer or ITP and that he was critical. Since there was drastic decrease in the platelet count they started giving him medication. Doctors informed us that the recovery would depend on his reaction to the treatment. We were distressed and phoned to RRC and requested the prayers of the Fathers here. The blood tests later revealed that his count was improving and he did not need further treatment. A million thanks to the Lord for touching our son and blessing him with good health surprising even the doctors.

Last year I was diagnosed with a tumor in my abdomen and was given medications for two days and I was advised to undergo surgery. I came to RRC and requested the  prayers of the Fathers here and prayed in a special way during the Saturday and Sunday services for a miracle.  The tests before the surgery revealed that the tumor had disappeared completely and didn’t need surgery. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.

Shoba and Amal, Marathahalli