Healing from Cancer

My mother had severe cough and cold for a long time. When we went to the hospital, they informed us that she had a severe lung infection and diagnosed with 3rd stage uterine cancer. We were distressed and came to RRC and requested the prayers of the team and we prayed in a special way for a healing during the services. The Priests at RRC also prayed for my mother in a special way. The treatment bore fruit and my mother was healed and recovered her health as well. My mother is able to do household chores and go to work as well.

I found some of the subjects in the degree very tough and I was afraid that I would fail. I came to RRC and attended the various services and prayed for my intention and promised to testify as well. Lord Jesus heard my prayers and I cleared my exams. A million thanks to Lord Jesus for continually showering his blessings upon our family.

Denin Thankachan, St. John’s Quarters