Cured from Cancer

My son was suffering from exhaustion and other symptoms and when we admitted him in the hospital and after running some tests the doctors confirmed that he was suffering from cancer. After his first course of chemotherapy he came down with high fever and even though he was admitted in the hospital the fever did not come down. Later they diagnosed that there was infection in his lungs. After his second course of chemo he went through the same fever. After the third course of chemo he had rashes all over the body and his blood count came down. We were told that this could cause more infection and internal bleeding and anything would happen at any time. He started bleeding from his nose as well and started vomiting blood. I came to RRC and prayed to Mother Mary and promised to give my testimony in the Marian Night vigil. The priests in RRC also visited him and prayed for him. The treatment later was successful and the good Lord blessed him with a miraculous healing. He started going to work from April. A million thanks to our Lord for his healing touch.

Dolly George, Chikkadugodi