Blessed with a Job

My sister in law did not have a permanent job. We were praying that she would get a job in the school her children were studying. A few days ago there was a vacancy in the school and was called for an interview. During this time the Labesona family mission that is the special service for the families in RRC was going on. We attended the service online and prayed for this intention. She was called for an interview again and got the job in the school but we were afraid that she would not be able to join the job, as she could not get her relieving letter and the documents from the place where she was working part time. We surrendered the company and her employers and prayed for them during the Sunday service as well. The next day she got her documents and was able to join work. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.

Sr. Pushpalatha, St John’s Medical College, Bangalore