Holy Spirit, fill us with your fire

The disciples and Mother Mary had gathered together in a place praying. There appeared to them tongues of fire and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. We are celebrating the feast of Pentecost to commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles. Let us pray that the fire of Spirit may fill our life and family.

Fire is a sign of Purity. Out of the five elements it is only fire which can purify without losing its own purity. Hebrews 12: 29 reminds us that our God is a consuming fire. The world is very much in need of our prayers. We are at a phase where the culture is to believe everything the world has to say and go after all that the world has to offer. We are in a culture which favors the teaching of the world rather than the spiritual way of life. It is now more than ever that we need to pray for the fire of the Spirit to fill us as the spiritual values and way of life is ridiculed upon. The lack of conscience and no fear of sins is the root cause of the problems and the reason for my pain says St. Pope John Paul II.

In John 6:63 Jesus says, “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing.” It is only when we are filled with the Spirit of God our life is joyful and peaceful. So let us then pray that the Lord may fill us and our family with the Spirit. When we fulfill our responsibilities and stay away from a life of sin through the guidance of the Holy Spirit then we will be blessed, and through us our homes and our society will be blessed. Let the students invoke the intercession of the Holy Spirit as they begin a new academic year. May the Holy Spirit light up the intellect and hearts of the students and let them shine in their studies.

Fr Bineesh Mankunnel CST