The sighted blind

A young man fell in love with a beautiful dancer and decided to marry her. He conducted a secret investigation to know if she had any bad habits as she was very famous and rich. He engaged a team to investigate without revealing that he intended to marry her. A month later they reported back to him. The report summed up the fact that she was a woman with good habits and a pleasing personality. But the end of the report had a note stating that though she has a good character now she is in love with a wayward man.

We always look at everyone with suspicion and judge everyone. There is a specific reason for one person making mistakes in life. But we cannot judge that others will also make the mistakes for the same reason. A rich man may lead a wayward life owing to his wealth does not mean all rich men will lead a lavish life. We are quick to point our fingers at others and often join the crowd who cried for the crucifixion of Christ. As we cry out ‘crucify them’ we are not able to discern our soiled hearts. The people whom we consider of no character will be considered good and we whom we ourselves call good and holy will be considered bad. That is the time for final judgment. Let the Lord give us the strength to remove the speck in our eyes and lead us to the realization that others have vision.

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful (Luke 6: 36).

Eldho Paul