The dead lamps

He started to narrate a story to keep the audience quiet. A tiger was chasing a rabbit for its food, but the tiger could not catch it. He tried chasing it for several days but without success. Defeated finally, the tiger came to the rabbit’s burrow and said to himself, the reason for my failure to catch the rabbit is because I can’t get into its burrow and catch it. Tiger asked the rabbit, ‘why am I not able to catch you?’ The rabbit responded with a question, ‘Why did you chase me?’  ‘I wanted to catch you’ retorted the tiger. To this the rabbit replied, ‘You didn’t chase me to catch me but to eat me, I ran to save my life.’ When the speaker stopped speaking, the children cried out saying we have heard this story many times. To this he replied, then from now on close your ears and listen from your hearts, because only a deep rooted tree alone will survive. Only when our destination is clear and valuable the doubts, hurdles and confusions will disappear.

A man who nearly drowned in a water fall fighting for his last breath said, it is not the colorful balloon but the air inside that is valuable. Only when we realize what is important and valuable for us, then do we cherish it. Love is the most priceless thing in this world and its fulfillment is in heaven.

When people have set their eyes on eternal blessings will not go after the pleasures that the world has to offer. When we are clear about what is valuable to us then it is the heavenly intervention needed to attain it. Only when a person is filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit will be able to reach their destination. Let us not be like the wick in the lamp which dies after sometimes. Let us focus on the heavenly riches while we walk on this earth. Let us be like Don Bosco who understood the true meaning of love and be like the lamp which will not die in the wind.

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14).

Eldho Paul