Blessed with a Job

I thank Mother Mary for the blessings she showered upon me. I was praying for a job. Once I got a job in Duabi. But I had to drop that job due to some reasons.  Then I attended the youth retreat here and prayed intensively so that I may get a good job. I got a message during the Eucharist counseling that Mother Mary protects me and care me so that I need to say more rosaries. Surprisingly I got a job in a reputed company where I dreamt to work.

And my elder bother lost his job. And we started to pray for him to get a new job. Again we sought the help of Mother Mary and prayed intensively. He also got a new job. We thank Mother Mary and Jesus for blessing us with good job and for all the graces we received. Praise the Lord.

Anitta Clarans SG Palaya