Blessed with Healing

I am blessed with three children. Recently my second son was affected with dengue fever. His blood count was decreasing. We all were upset about his health. I came to RRC to attend the prayers and prayed for my son and requested prayers from the Fathers here. And I prayed Mother Mary to help us especially my son to overcome his difficulties. Immediately he was improving in his health. His blood count gradually increased. Same way my youngest child also got fever. Temperature increases to high and he was admitted in hospital with epilepsy. He was on ventilator for one and half day. We called to RRC and asked for a prayer help. Few priests from RRC came to hospital and prayed for my child. Shortly  he picked very up well and was discharged from the hospital. We thank Mother Mary for the intercession and thank you Jesus for helping g us. Thank you Jesus and Mother Mary.

 Charlie Devassya SG Palaya