Do not be oblivious to the Stars

The month of December has a special charm. The cold air is filled with the singing of the carolers, the night glitters from the star  lights and voices of people greeting each other fills the air. As the world celebrates the birth of the Savior, the season of Christmas gives us an opportunity to examine our lives and be part of the salvation.

The star that paved the way for the wise men who went in search of the Infant Jesus, is giving us a message. The star that shone that night to show the way to the wise men when the realized that the savior has been born was a divine light (Mathew 2:1-12). As long as they followed this star their travel was without any hindrances and leading to their destination. But when they forgot to follow this star and their focus changed to the worldly affairs and asked about the birth of the savior to the earthly king, the impact was ghastly. They became the reason for the death of the numerous new born when their focus shifted from the skies to the earth (Mathew 2:16). When they shifted their focus back to the star, it led them to the savior again (Mathew 2:9).

In our spiritual and worldly life, God provides us with the guiding stars in the form our parents, elders, spiritual counselors, teachers etc. When we move in the path paved by these guiding stars then our lives become a success. However when we forget them and forge our own path through wrong friendship, it leads to us to a life of sin. Just like the wise men who realized their mistake and lifted their eyes to the Star and thus reached the savior, let us also forget the worldly distractions and return our focus to the guiding stars designed by God and continue our journey.

Fr Prince Chakkalayil CST