The Lord has selected and strengthened Renewal Retreat Centre (RRC), a Catholic Spiritual Organization with compassionate love in abundance to glorify God's name and to sanctify Bangalore and its people. The centre founded on the exceptional protection from immaculate Mary, has become heaven of solace and hope for millions of people from all religion residing in the city and remarkably provides a new and personal God experience.

Renewal Retreat Centre was founded by CST Fathers in 1994. Now the centre is under the St. Joseph's province of the CST fathers. Each and every person arriving at the RRC has experienced the watchful care of God in guiding the RRC, holding its hands and guiding it. Every single Individual who attended retreats conducted in RRC gets the valuable opportunity to receive God’s healing grace and thereby attains a degree of spiritual renewal and to experience the streams of blessing from God to his people. RRC is a relief and a shelter for a large number of people who are seeking answers for their despairing, hopeless and solid crisis in their life, is a gift from the Lord for Bangalore.

His Holiness Pope Francis


Fr. Francis Chittinappilly CST

Provincial Superior

Fr Jose Thadickal CST
Asst. Director; Chief Editor Renewal Voice


Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado
Archbishop of Bengaluru

 Rev. Fr. George Jacob Poothakkuzhy CST
Founder Director

Fr. Rajeev Njanackal CST


Rev. Fr. Jojo Varakukalayil CST

Superior General

Fr. Joby Chully CST 


Fr. Charles Thoppil CST
Co-ordinator, Kannada Ministry





Fr. Joseph Munduparambil CST
Managing Editor, Renewal Voice


Fr. Jose Kurisumkal CST