St. James teach us, “Faith without deeds is dead” (James 2:26). It is by our very actions that we are called to express our faith and to live by Jesus’ command ­ Love your neighbour as you love yourself (Romans 13:9). Through different social and charitable activities organised in RRC, God give as the opportunity to enhance our beliefs and to testify our faith through our lives. By the grace of God, all retreats in centre are performed using Virunnu (Banquet) Fund, without charging any fees or monetary benefits, which makes RRC unique. The good lord who valued the minuscule contribution of a widow more than large contribution made by many rich men, who fed thousands of people with five loaves of bread and two fish, has been miraculously organising all services in this centre for more than fourteen years, with the amount obtained from the generous individuals, who monthly deposit a small amount of their earnings in Virunnu (Banquet) Fund.

Fervent prayers, continuous support, selfless service and generous sharing by noble individual who are loyal to God are the keystones of the centre.

Those who contribute in Virunnu Fund and spend one part of their earnings for helping others share their experience, about how they witnessed direct intervention of Jesus in their life in numerous unforeseen ways­ by giving miraculous cure from deadly diseases, good job, new house, success in examinations and interviews etc., God also bless them, their family and the society they live with peace, happiness and prosperity. In short the Lord has created RRC, a place to pray, relax, heal, and experience God’s presence for anyone in need of the Lord’s comforting touch.


You can donate us by transferring fund directly to our bank account online or offline. We also accept cheque, DD, and cash. Kindly explore our activities page for more details.


Our Bank details:

Catholic Syrian Bank, Dharmaram Branch


VIRUNNU – A/C NO: 033001883455190001

R.R.C. A/C NO: 033001882673190001

RRC VOICE – A/C NO: 16590200004259 – IFSC No: FDRL0001659