Kannada Retreat: Kannada retreat begins on Friday previous to 3rd Saturday of the month at 9:30 AM and ends on Sunday at 5 PM.

Night Vigil: Kannada Night Vigil is conducted in RRC on every first Saturday 9.30 pm to 5 am. Hundreds of faithful from different parts of Karnataka attends the night vigil and receives blessings from Jesus through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary.

Intercessory Prayer: Intercessory Prayer is conducted on every Monday to Thursday from 10.00 am to 02.00 pm

Chain Rosary: Kannada Chain Rosary is conducted in RRC on Wednesday previous to the Kannada Retreat and on Wednesday previous to the Night vigil from 10.00 am to 05. 00 pm. The services concludes with the Mass at 04.30 pm. Hundreds of people come together to receive God’s blessing through the intercession of Mother Mary.

Family Retreat: To help the families lead a holy and prayerful life family retreats are conducted through the intercession of the parents of Little Flower of St Therese Saints Louis Martin Zelie Martin.

Parish Retreat: One day retreats and annual retreats are conducted across parishes in Karnataka to spread the good news and help the people of God to grow spiritually.

Hospital Ministry: The team visits the patients in the hospitals and houses and conduct prayer and healing services.

Bible Convention: Bible conventions are conducted every year during the month of April, May and October giving the people from different region and religion to bring them a step closer to God and receive the blessings from God.

Renewal Voice: Renewal Voice is the magazine published from RRC in Kannada, Malayalam and  English which serves as the voice of RCC. It strengthens the effort of RRC in leading millions to experience the power and salvation of Christ.