The Lord has selected and strengthened Renewal Retreat Centre (RRC), a Catholic spiritual organization with compassionate love in abundance to glorify His name and to sanctify Bangalore and its people. The centre founded on the exceptional protection from immaculate Mary, has become haven of solace and hope for millions of people from all religion residing in the city and remarkably provides a new and personal God experience.

Apart from being involved in spiritual activities, RRC also extends her hands to the last lost and the least ones of the society by helping them in various means.

1. Poor Feeding: Around 200 families are freely given 5kgs of rice every month.

2. Medical Aid: Hospital charges and medicines are provided for around 250 people every month.

3. Educational Help: Every year we support around 250 students by financially helping them for education.

4. Poor Girl’s Marriage: Financial help for marriage is given for around 50 poor girls every year.

5. Housing: When poor people construct house RRC supports them by providing financial help to the extend we can.

You can be part of these charitable activities of RRC by generously contributing to the Renewal Retreat Centre.

Bank Details

Account Name: Renewal Retreat Centre
A/C NO: 033001882673190001
Bank: Catholic Syrian Bank
Branch: Dharmaram Branch

WhatsApp +917996388326 / email: